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Simpsons Gap NT

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Simpsons Gap NT

Simpsons Gap is a beautiful natural attraction located in the West MacDonnell Ranges, about 20 kilometers west of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory of Australia. Here's a suggested travel guide to help you plan your visit:

Getting there: Simpsons Gap is accessible by car from Alice Springs via the Larapinta Drive. The drive takes approximately 25 minutes. Alternatively, there are several tour operators that offer guided tours to the area.

Entrance fees: There is no entrance fee to visit Simpsons Gap.

Walking trails: There are several walking trails available in the area, ranging from short walks to longer hikes. The Simpsons Gap Walk is a popular 2.5-kilometer circuit that takes you to the Gap itself and offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

Wildlife viewing: Simpsons Gap is home to a variety of wildlife, including rock wallabies, bats, and birds such as the black-footed rock wallaby and the peregrine falcon. Keep an eye out for them as you explore the area.

Cultural experiences: The area is also rich in Indigenous culture, with several sacred sites located within its boundaries. There are tours available that offer visitors the chance to learn about the local Arrernte culture and history.

Photography: The natural beauty of the area offers plenty of opportunities for photography, especially during sunrise and sunset when the colors of the rocks change.

Swimming: Although swimming is not recommended at Simpsons Gap due to the presence of wildlife, there are several other nearby swimming spots, such as Ellery Creek Big Hole and Glen Helen Gorge.

Facilities: There are toilets and picnic tables available at Simpsons Gap, making it a great spot for a picnic lunch.

Overall, Simpsons Gap is a beautiful and unique natural attraction that offers visitors the chance to explore the stunning landscapes of the Australian outback. It's important to come prepared with plenty of water, appropriate clothing, and sunscreen as the area can get quite hot during the day.

Image courtesy ParksNT