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4WD How to setup and drive - videos
Britz 4WD Awning Set Up
Britz 4WD Gear Selection Automatic Transmission
Britz Choosing the right 4WD for yourself drive rental in Australia
(No Safari Auto and Scout removed from fleet)
Britz 4WD Awning Set Up
Setting Up Tent Roof-Top Tent – show Landcruiser but also applies for the Safari Auto Hilux/DMax
Britz Tools Tyres Air Compressor
Britz Safety Equipment
Britz Sand Driving
Britz Tackling Inclines & Declines
Britz Fridge Drop Down 
Britz River Crossing
Britz Driving on Dirt Roads
Britz 4WD Gear Selection Safari Landcruiser 4WD
Britz 4WD Gear Selection Safari Landcruiser
Britz Setting Up Tent Outback 4WD
Britz Dutchy Expert Guide Choosing the right 4WD