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Howard Springs Park NT

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Howard Springs Nature Park

A suggested guide to Howard Springs Nature Park is a beautiful park located just 35 kilometers from Darwin in the Northern Territory of Australia. Here's a suggested travel guide to help you plan your visit:

  1. Getting there: The park is easily accessible by car, and there is plenty of parking available. The park is located just off the Stuart Highway, and it's clearly signposted.

  2. Entrance fees: There is no entrance fee to visit Howard Springs Nature Park.

  3. Swimming: The park is home to several natural swimming holes, including the main pool, which is safe for swimming year-round. The water is crystal clear and perfect for cooling off on a hot day.

  4. Picnicking: There are plenty of picnic areas available in the park, with BBQs and tables provided. It's a great spot to relax and enjoy a picnic lunch.

  5. Hiking: There are several hiking trails available in the park, ranging from easy walks to more challenging hikes. The Monsoon Forest Walk is a popular 1.5km walk that takes you through the park's beautiful monsoon forest.

  6. Wildlife viewing: The park is home to a variety of wildlife, including wallabies, turtles, and a range of bird species such as the rainbow lorikeet. Keep an eye out for them as you explore the park.

  7. Facilities: There are plenty of facilities available in the park, including toilets, showers, and a kiosk where you can buy food and drinks.

  8. Ranger talks: The park's rangers offer regular talks and walks, providing information on the park's flora and fauna, as well as its cultural significance to the local Indigenous people.

Overall, Howard Springs Nature Park is a beautiful and peaceful destination that's perfect for a day trip from Darwin. Whether you're looking to swim, hike, picnic or simply relax, there's something for everyone to enjoy in this stunning park.

Image courtesy ParksNT