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Wilpena Pound SA

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Wilpena Pound SA

A suggested travel guide to Wilpena Pound

Adelaide to Wilpena Pound is 4 hr 56 min (437.3 km) via R M Williams Way/B8

Wilpena Pound is a natural amphitheater located in the Flinders Ranges National Park in South Australia. Here's a suggested travel guide:

Location: Wilpena Pound is located approximately 429 kilometers north of Adelaide, South Australia. The easiest way to get there is to drive along the National Highway A1 until you reach Port Augusta, then turn onto Highway A87 and follow the signs to Wilpena Pound. The road is sealed and suitable for 2WD vehicles.

Accommodation: There are several accommodation options available at Wilpena Pound, including camping grounds, cabins, and a resort. The Wilpena Pound Resort offers a variety of accommodations, from standard rooms to luxurious glamping tents.

Tourist Van Parks: Wilpena Pound Resort has a caravan park with powered and unpowered sites available. The Rawnsley Park Station also offers caravan and camping facilities.

Things to do: Wilpena Pound offers a variety of activities for visitors, including:

  1. Hiking: There are several hiking trails available, ranging from easy walks to challenging hikes. One of the most popular hikes is the Wilpena Pound Circuit, a 12.4-kilometer loop trail that offers spectacular views of the surrounding landscape.

  2. Scenic Flights: Take a scenic flight over Wilpena Pound and the Flinders Ranges for a breathtaking view of the region.

  3. Cultural Tours: Join a guided tour with an Aboriginal guide to learn about the rich culture and history of the Adnyamathanha people, who have lived in the area for thousands of years.

  4. Wildlife Viewing: The Flinders Ranges is home to a diverse range of wildlife, including kangaroos, emus, and wedge-tailed eagles. Keep your eyes peeled for these animals while exploring the area.

  5. Astronomy Tours: Take a guided tour of the night sky with an expert astronomer and discover the beauty of the stars and planets above.

Overall, Wilpena Pound is a must-visit destination for those who want to experience the beauty of the Australian outback. With a range of activities and accommodations available, there's something for everyone at Wilpena Pound.

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