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Solo female travellers are a common sight in Australia. Many of my close friends travel alone to get a taste and absorb themselves in the Australian culture.

Over 30 years ago I was the general manager a few resorts and I saw 2 types of females travelling. Ones who threw themselves into everything available and the other the more reserved travellers and yes the first I saw on occasions have issues.

So the basic questions are asked
• Is it safe for a female to travel alone in Australia: The answer is two fold.

• If the female a person with ‘common sense ‘ and doesn't take the unwanted risk and calculate all directions of her travel or is cautious to approach or enter into conversation or activities then she will avoid most concerns if the arise.

• Marg's and my advice is simple have fun but where possible travel with sensible minded other like minded females.

• Don't just go somewhere because someone asked you, check it all out first.

• If you intend to take a 4wd on your first trip on remote roads then I suggest (girls or guys) have a one day 4wd drivers course first either in Sydney or where you pick up the 4wd.

• The course can cost $240 to $375 but it's worth every dollars and will give you great knowledge.

• The couse can cost $240 to $375 but it's worth every dollar and will give you great knowledge.

• If it's your first trip maybe try a 2wd campervan or small 2ST motorhome and keep to the sealed roads. Get that first trip behind you and then consider a 4wd trip next holiday or even think about a softer 4wd route for your first time.

• If you're a small framed person (male or female) you may find it hard to change a spare now you can buy auto inflates canisters but as I experienced it really stuffed up my tyre when I eventually fixed it but it did save me from changing it. (Result cost of a new tyre)

• Safety: Australia's country towns or cities has its fair share of troublesome folks so again if you’re going out late suggest you go with a trusted girlfriend (if you get chance to meet others).

• Plan your holiday so you travel like never before and interact with fellow like minded adventure trusted travellers, the locals and their cultures.

• Catch a fish then both of you take a selfie and give your finned friend a new lease on life and throw it back.

• Taste real fusion Aussie/Asian cuisine or just great fish and chips the Aussie way.

• If Marg and Rob have to have a motto then it would be 'plan well, travel at your own leisure, make sure you have spare time to relax and soak up the countryside and beaches and enjoy the little things Australia has to offer you'.
Image courtesy Queensland Tourism

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Date 06.02.2023