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South Australia

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South Australia

Embarking on a journey from Adelaide to Perth takes you through the expansive landscapes of Australia's west. Leaving Adelaide, travel westward along the Eyre Highway, revealing the breathtaking expanse of the Nullarbor Plain. Traverse from South Australia into Western Australia, passing by remote roadhouses and the renowned Nullarbor Links golf course. Eventually, you'll reach Norseman in Western Australia, where the Eyre Highway converges with the Coolgardie-Esperance Highway. Following the Great Eastern Highway will lead you to the vibrant city of Perth.

Alternatively, a venture from Adelaide to Coober Pedy invites you into the heart of the outback. Departing Adelaide, proceed northward on the Main North Road, transitioning onto the Stuart Highway. This route carries you through Port Augusta before branching off towards Coober Pedy. As you approach, the landscape transforms into the unique desert surroundings that characterize this opal mining town. Explore Coober Pedy's underground homes and immerse yourself in the allure of this distinctive destination.

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