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Western Australia

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Western Australia

Perth to Broome:

Embarking on a journey from Perth to Broome leads you through the vast landscapes of Western Australia. Depart from Perth and head north along National Route 1. As you traverse the coastline, you'll encounter the otherworldly Pinnacles Desert with its eerie limestone formations. Continuing the route, Kalbarri National Park showcases rugged river gorges merging with the Indian Ocean. Further north, Exmouth provides access to the stunning Ningaloo Reef, a haven for marine life enthusiasts. Culminating in Broome, Cable Beach beckons with its golden sands and the captivating Staircase to the Moon phenomenon.

Perth to Esperance:

The route from Perth to Esperance guides you through Western Australia's coastal charm. Departing Perth, journey southeast along National Route 1. Arriving at Albany, immerse yourself in its historical significance, including the whaling history. Continuing along the coastline, the Fitzgerald River National Park showcases diverse flora and fauna. The road eventually leads to Esperance, renowned for its pristine beaches. Within Cape Le Grand National Park, the iconic Lucky Bay awaits, offering tranquil sands and crystal-clear waters. A touch of wonder comes from the unique Pink Lake near Esperance, culminating this scenic journey.

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