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Woodford Folk Festival

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Woodford Folk Festival, Woodford, Moreton Bay Region, Brisbane Queensland
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The Woodford Folk Festival is an annual music and cultural festival held near the semi-rural town of Woodford, 72 km north of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. It is one of the biggest annual cultural events of its type in Australia. Every year approximately 125,000 patrons attend the festival.

2023 Ref

Campsite considerations 

Our grounds filled up much faster last year due to higher percentage of very large campsites and an increase in the number of cars in the campgrounds. Please keep your camp site size appropriate for the number of people in your camp.  

Cars at campsites 

The fee for a Vehicle at Campsite pass in Season is increasing to $80 this year. We encourage you set up your camp and then take your vehicle to the Eastern Bloc Long Term Parking – only $20 for the season and easy – shuttle buses are running to/from the Long-Term Parking 8am – 4am.  

Season Campers with RVs and caravans 

  • Oversized Vehicles  

Season Camping patrons with oversized RVs and vans (6.5m or greater) will have the option of booking a campsite in a designated (flat) area of the Season Campgrounds. RV’s and caravans only in this designated area. Fee $100.  

  • Powered sites for Season Campers in RVs / Caravans / Camper Trailers available at Woodford Showgrounds Only 

The Showgrounds will be a part of the Festival camping for Tent City Overnight campers / Overnight Overflow Camping and RV / Caravan patrons wanting a powered site. It will have its own festival ticket office and there will be a dedicated 24hr shuttle bus to/from the Showgrounds throughout, delivering patrons directly to the main festival precinct entry. A dump point is also available. 

Limited powered sites available and bookings online through Woodford Folk Festival ticketing system only. Fee $140. 

Please note that the Showgrounds will not be able to cater for domestic animals during the festival period. 

Hire Tents for Season Campers 

For those Season Campers who want to take the stress out of finding a camp site, booking a hire tent with Pitch Luxury or Tent City is the way to go. Setting up camp is as simple as unpacking your bag. You can arrive anytime from the 26th onwards and your tent will be awaiting.  

Festival tickets should be purchased prior to arranging accommodation in Tent City. Please contact Tent City on 07 5482 6788 to book. Tent City hire information here.  

The Woodford Folk Festival, a vibrant and immersive cultural extravaganza, graces the Australian calendar annually from December 27th to January 1st, spanning six days and nights. With its inception dating back over three decades, the festival has grown into a monumental gathering that beckons more than 2,000 artists, musicians, and presenters from around the globe. This diverse array of talents converges to deliver an astonishing 438 acts, drawing an estimated audience of 132,000 enthusiastic attendees. From its captivating Opening Ceremony to the awe-inspiring Fire Event on New Year's Day, the Woodford Folk Festival is a testament to the power of creativity and communal celebration.

This year, the festival marks its 35th iteration, with the 28th edition being hosted at Woodfordia. Nestled on the grounds of a once barren dairy farm, Woodfordia has undergone a remarkable transformation. Over 120,000 subtropical rainforest trees, orchids, ferns, and sedges have been carefully nurtured, crafting a lush habitat teeming with butterflies and wildlife. The site itself becomes a living, breathing entity, embodying the essence of a creative community deeply rooted in tradition and culture, a vision passed down through generations.

As the festival commences, Woodfordia emerges as a bustling village, accommodating over 25,000 daily patrons, artists, performers, volunteers, organizers, and stallholders. At the core of this bustling hive of activity are the tireless efforts of approximately 2,680 dedicated volunteers spread across 162 departments. Their unwavering commitment is palpable, evident in the meticulous setup and seamless day-to-day functioning of the festival. In fact, during the event, the Woodford Folk Festival transforms into the 67th largest "town" in all of Australia, a testament to the scale and grandeur of this remarkable gathering.

The extensive preparations for the festival begin early in December, a collective effort involving over 450 contractors and volunteers. This global assemblage of individuals converges on Woodfordia, contributing their diverse skills to construct the vibrant village that will host the festivities. The collective spirit is so strong that many of these contributors remain even after the curtains fall, dedicating an additional week to dismantling and wrapping up the event.

In essence, the Woodford Folk Festival is more than a mere event; it's a living testament to the power of human creativity, collaboration, and connection. It is a celebration of culture, a fusion of tradition and innovation that breathes life into the land of Woodfordia, a once-barren canvas now adorned with the hues of art, music, and shared experience. As each year unfolds and the vibrant village takes shape, the festival reaffirms its place as a cherished cornerstone of Australia's cultural landscape.